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Michigan Tree Farm Committee Meeting
August 29, 2003, 10:00 a.m. 
Audie's Restaurant, Mackinaw City


Present: Des Jones, Bob Poel, Keith Martell, Jim Fish, Charmaine Lucas, Rick Lucas, Karen Surfass, Jeffery Tuler, Chris Anderson, Chad Radka, Tom Stone, Sheila Moore.

Meeting began at 10:00. Des read anti-trust statement. Introductions.

Des: Robert Poel has been selected as the multi-state Regional winner of Tree Farmer of the Year. Congratulations!

Previous minutes were read and approved.

Treasurer: Chad passed out report. Checking account: $6344.95; Savings: $8,183.43. bill form RC&D sent to SFI and paid.

Motion to accept report / 2nd and approved.

Des: Dispute resolution was reviewed and accepted at State and National.

Memo of Understanding between American Tree Farm System and Michigan signed and returned.

Discussed items with Kevin Korpi about listing Tree Farms Board in newsletter; newsletter , content, articles; Des will write article for MFPC newsletter.

Re-inspections: discussed back log. The National Operating Committee determined that all Tree farms not inspected in a ten year period will be dropped from the list. Michigan has a list of 250 names to be reviewed. Get name from Jimmy O’Conner as well. We now have about 1750 Tree farms.

We must now produce a quarterly report of inspections. Des sent ours in. We are still behind and need a lot of work.

By Laws and Constitution: please review draft by Nov 10.

Tom Stone reported on State Stewardship Committee and Legacy Program. Keith emphasized Forest lands need to be preserved, not watered down. Des and Jim Fish are not getting notices.

Logging Congress inquired about us purchasing an ad for $175 to 995. voted no.

Web Service: new rates. Still looking into RD&D or other doing in future.

Forestry/ Wildlife reference books- was produced by MFRA. Tree farm should be included in info.

Des wants to initiate an internal audit of Treasurer and RC&D books. One per year. Internal audit committee appointed by des. Wants to audit at (am prior to next meeting. Chad, Des, Sheila, Chris, Kick, Karen and Alternate, Jim.


MFA: Annual meeting was fantastic. Tour Hiawatha Club. Pete Grieves now on Board. Interested in private lands activity/ committee and providers Cooperative Agreement. Karen sent info to DNR and asked for reply by July 15 deadline but got no reply.

Dist I: Howard- no report.

Dist. II: Sheila. 1 new; 3 de-cert; 7 re-cert. 98 to do of 113. To date, 28 done.

Dist. III: Dave – no report.

Dist. IV: Jeff. 10 re-cert; 1 new; 1 de-cert. questioned status of data base. Still needs to distribute some inspections.

Dist. V: Jim Bruce- no report.

Scholarship: Tome reported no activity at this time. In spring we awarded one $1000 scholarship to an East Jordan student. Still have $1000 with MFF. Notices to be sent in October.

Grants: Chad. $800 for field day . 53 attended. Field Day planned for Antrim and UP in October. Keith noted that Antrim Field day will have to be postponed until spring. Jeff is having a field day for Conservation District and will have a Tree farm site. Committee voted to alter site to Jeff’s field day. Jeff needs to send info into Chad.

$100 for newsletter. Options: a) MFRA at $600 to $900 per issue 4X per year. All Michigan Tree Farmers are included as well as others on MFRA list. Good exposure.

b) MFA magazine. $154 to publish and mail. About $3000 per year.

c) MFA 1 page newsletter. $0.08 per copy. $150 to 200 per release.

MFPC has contracted Eva Rice to do new newsletter as before.

We need editor to help get articles written/ published. Get publicity/ activity dates. Need article on Tree farmer of the Year/ District winners. Also need updated info like that on web site.

We need to update mailing list and update process.

We ALL need to write articles and activities to help.

A committee will meet with Kevin Korpi.

New Grants: a. Tree farm Field Days; $2500. 2. Newsletter; $1000. 3. Tree farm inspection and motivation effort; $2500.

Publicity and Legislature: Des met with legislative committee on Tree Farm language in property tax bills.

Tree farmer of The Year report. Bob and Sheri Poel are Regional winners and will go to National. Need to finalize application and prepare slide show.

Funds for bob to attend will be provided by National. Funds for our Inspecting Forester :Motion by Sheila/ 2nd. Authorize $500 for Bob DeVillez. Passed.

2003 TFOY: Keith reported we have narrowed it down to 4 finalists. Properties are being examined and owners interviewed.

There is a new Tree Farm Leadership Award category. Des will re-distribute criteria.

National Meeting will be Oct 15 to 19 in Columbus Ohio.

Next meeting will be Friday, Dec 5th at Audie’s. Audit committee meet at 9:00 am.

Nominations for Vice Chair: Andy Hahoe; Rick Lucas (declined), Keith Martell (if retired). We may need two vice chairs; one for operations and next chair; one for re-inspections.

Meeting adjourned at 2:08.

Respectfully ,

Tom Stone, Secretary.

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