Hunter going to the forest

Our association came to be in the year 1972 with the sole aim to spread education in the society on how best we can use and manage the woods around us. For the last four decades, we have seen our association grow to benefit both people and forests by helping the populace recognize the importance of these natural resources. Do not miss out on the fun next year. Register today and get to spread awareness as you come across people with whom you have similar interests.

Michigan Forest Foundation

Under our wing, we have this foundation that got established in the year 1989. It operates as a not-for-profit organization and as such, it gets exempted from the payment of taxes. Our primary goal under this foundation is to educate people on the importance of the conservation of forests and involve them in different initiatives. We publish a magazine known as the Green Gold Michigan Forest History Magazine which focuses on forest practices and their benefits. We also release videos related to the same.

There are also some long term partnerships that we have established in order to fulfil our aims. One of them is the partnership with the US eSports Association. The idea is that we will promote esports as a way to relieve pressure and not huting in the wildlife. In this way we could potentially save animals, which are on the bring of being extinct. Most esports betting operators in the US are openly supporting us and we hope to have this running for long time.

  • Investment - Through your contributions, both financial and physical, we get to put more efforts into the conservation of our forests which ensures that the generations to come will get surrounded by greenery, adding onto the quality of their lives.
  • Dake Memorial Fund - We operate this organization in a bid to teach children the importance of forests and how human activities can affect the existence of such resources.
  • Scholarships - We offer scholarships to people who are willing to further their studies in areas which could help us protect our natural resources more efficiently.
  • Trailers - Now and then, we send out a container which has displays about forestry and the importance of conservation. These trailers show up at events such as fairs and shows to enable us to reach a broad audience of people who could contribute positively to our goals.
Forest road

Why should you join our movement?

If you have an interest in the conservation and the management of our forests, you can register with us and stand to benefit immensely. First off, we will connect you to a hoard of other like-minded people with whom you can work together to achieve more forest cover as well as more awareness of the benefits of forests. You also get to learn more about which forest practices are excellent in the management of our natural resources. Would you like to spread the word about forests? Well, you will get a chance to do so as a member where you get to have your say in forums where you educate others. In addition to these benefits, you get to have access to our magazines and newsletters which keep you updated on current trends in forestry, and you get to have some influence on the formulation of forest regulations.

Annual conference

We had our yearly meeting at the Lac Vieux Desert Golf Course between September 22nd and 23rd 2017. This event got graced by different people ranging from professionals in the forestry industry to landowners. Our goal was to spread much-needed information on how best we can manage the forests that we have. With knowledgeable speakers educating the attendees throughout the weekend, the event was a success. People got to bring their children to the conference who kept busy by playing games while learning a lot about the environment. Landowners got some training on how they can manage the trees on their land as well as the kinds of trees that they can cultivate with ease. Practices on safety were a hot topic as most people had an interest in what types of trees should be planted in homes and why. The event was not just about trees, but it also extended to a large number of fun activities where guests got to unwind over the weekend. The Lac Vieux Desert Golf Course proved to be an excellent destination for the conference as there were recreational facilities for all ages. For the gamblers, there was a provision of twenty-five thousand square feet of gaming space filled with over five hundred slot machines. A variety of table games were also available twenty-four hours a day. Guests even got to golf on an eighteen-hole golf course spread over beautiful scenery. Also, open was a full bar and a shop where one could get essentials.